16 Days Campaign

16 days Campaign

Since 1991, every year, a campaign takes place during the 16 days period starting with 25 November (International day for elimination of violence against women and girls) and ending on 10 December (International Human Rights Day) in every part of the world concurrently. This campaign is known as 16 Days Campaign for Elimination of Violence Against Women. The dates of the campaign are chosen to narrate that elimination of violence against women is a human rights issue.

Campaign aims to create widespread awareness on elimination of violence against women, strengthen and give visibility to local actors working in this field, emphasize the universality of the problem, provide a platform where different groups can reflect on strategies for standing in solidarity, taking action individually and collaboratively for elimination of violence against women.

Orange is accepted as the theme color of the Campaign by the United Nations and the United Nations calls everybody to “orange the world” for 16 days and take action for elimination of violence against women. This year, United Nations System use the motto, “Fund, Respond, Prevent and Collect” and invites efforts for funding the initiatives aiming to eliminate, respond, prevent and collect data on the elimination of violence against women.

Setting out from the insight that violence against women is phenomenon rooted in societal inequalities between women and men; and that empowerment of women is the ultimate strategy for total elimination of violence against women, we are adding our voice to others all around the world and raising the motto of “Women’s Empowerment for Violence Against Women and Girls”.

This digital exhibition presents women’s stories on empowerment in and through their engagement with ÇATOMs, through learning, producing, organizing, and leading

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