Photo Exhibition

“We’ve started our journey to show women what they are capable of, on whatever occasion, instead of showing them what to do.”

Operating in 9 provinces and 48 locations in South-eastern Anatolia Region, Multi-Purpose Community Centers (ÇATOMs) have been established to raise women’s empowerment, contribute to the provision of equal opportunities and initiate and further develop the gender-balanced development. Since 1995, ÇATOMs have reached more than one million women, and have been acting act as an agent of creating an enabling environment for women to participate more in social life and benefit more from public services through the trainings and workshops provided.

Within the scope of Social Cohesion Between Syrian and Host Communities through Women’s Empowerment Project that is being implemented in collaboration with GAP Administration and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Turkey Office, ÇATOMs are supported to increase social and economic capabilities of women and to strengthen social cohesion between host communities and Syrian women.

In this exhibition, we have the opportunity to get inspired by those women’s stories who are enlightened, improved and still learning and producing at ÇATOMS in the 48 locations of the South-eastern Anatolia Region within the concept of 16 days campaign for elimination of violence against women and girls.


Photo Gallery

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